Support for the Patent Fee Integrity Act

Last week, California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced the “Patent Fee Integrity Act,” a bill that would prevent the diversion of user fees from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to general government accounts.

Conversant supports this legislation. As we shared in an open letter to Senator Feinstein:

We believe that strong, reasonable and ethical licensing of high-quality patents is healthy for knowledge-based economies.  Intellectual property enables innovation—it does not stifle it.  And patents exist to encourage, reward and protect the inventions that improve our lives.  Accordingly, a strong and properly functioning USPTO is vital to the interests of Conversant, our partners, and all inventors.

 Despite years of Congressional debate and discussion about the importance of a fully-funded USPTO, the agency still has neither full funding nor access to all of the user fees it collects. The “Patent Fee Integrity Act” would end fee diversion, thereby enabling the USPTO to improve patent quality and support in interests of inventors.  It would do all of this without adding to the deficit. 

What do you think of the Patent Fee Integrity Act? Do you agree that this important measure promotes the interests of inventors and innovation? Join the conversation in the comments below.