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MOSAID got its start licensing its own home-grown patents, but since 2007 MOSAID also has been working with other patent owners to generate returns on their investment in their own patent portfolios. Through our patent management services, sophisticated partnership models, and innovative programs, we help our global partners realize the full value from their patent assets. We’ve earned our reputation through the way we conduct our patent analysis, reverse engineering, prosecution, acquisition, licensing, and assertion activities. We excel at uncovering the hidden gems in patent portfolios and producing clear, detailed documentation showing infringement to potential licensees. And, as our past licensees will attest, we approach our negotiations with a view to an open and fair discussion.

Why do companies choose to work with MOSAID?  Because of our track record and our people. And because of our principled approach to patent licensing, and our culture of respect and fairness. Our integrity and experience foster a level of trust not always found in the patent licensing sector. That’s why global patent owners – including Nokia, Micron, Samsung, SK hynix, HP, AMD, Panasonic, and other well-known semiconductor companies – have turned to us to maximize their portfolio values.

Companies often turn to MOSAID because as their businesses evolve patents that were once core to their business may become non-essential or unrelated to their current business. Sometimes a significant portion of a company’s patent portfolio is languishing, generating no revenue while incurring maintenance costs. We can help unlock the latent value.

Maybe your company is involved in a merger or acquisition where both companies have valuable patent portfolios. Very often the two companies’ patents have a far greater value as separate portfolios than the incremental value each would bring to a combined portfolio – in patents often the whole is less than the sum of the parts. We can help with a strategic acquisition of one of the portfolios. We’ve done this type of transaction many times.

Whatever your company’s needs, we offer customized, comprehensive licensing programs that consider the goals and constraints of the patent owner. We seek to be a true partner to companies relying on us to manage their valuable patent assets. To that end, we invest our capital alongside our partners. That may mean we buy a company’s patents outright. But often that means we craft a bespoke approach that suits a company’s needs and aligns our interests with theirs. When we work together, we can accomplish more. Sometimes, by combining our partner’s deep financial pockets with our deep patent expertise, we can achieve even greater returns. Regardless, we don’t make money if our partners don’t make money. But because we have financial skin in the game, we are looking only for the best patent portfolios – we seek quality over quantity to maximize return on innovation.

And we get results. We have a proven track record of licensing success, dating back to the late 1990s. We established the value of our semiconductor memory patent portfolio with our first license agreement with Samsung in 2005, and since then we have kept most of the memory industry under license to our portfolio. Over the past twenty years we have entered well over 100 licenses worth hundreds of millions of dollars with many of the world’s largest electronics companies. These licenses have covered multiple patent portfolios related to memory, microprocessors and micro components, semiconductor manufacturing processes, networking, and wireless mobile communications.

Our first objective is to enter into licensing agreements through respectful negotiations. But when needed, we’re skilled in the strategic and operational aspects of litigation. We’ve gained a worldwide litigation success record as we strive to ensure maximum returns to our stakeholders. Just in the past few years our creative and innovative litigation strategies have changed the landscape of worldwide patent litigation. In 2020 we won a landmark judgment of the United Kingdom Supreme Court that will have significant implications worldwide for standard-essential-patent (SEP) licensing, especially in telecommunications.  The practical effect of the UK ruling is that implementers cannot insist that SEP holders prove their patents in every jurisdiction in the world, something that would be both practically and economically prohibitive, especially for smaller companies. We also won trial judgments against Huawei and ZTE in the UK and Germany, against Daimler in Germany, against LG Electronics in Texas, and against Apple in its home court in California. We now have license agreements with all these companies.

Our partners benefit from our long years of experience, and they depend on our creative and strategic patenting capabilities to realize the full potential of a portfolio. At MOSAID, increasing the value of patents is all we do.

Why shouldn’t your company choose to work with MOSAID? If you have a pinnacle patent portfolio and are looking for a partner to maximize your innovation investment, then let us know.

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