Patent Acquisitions and Sales

Patent acquisitions
In exchange for sharing their ideas with society, inventors are granted fundamental property rights—including the right to sell their patents.  At MOSAID, we began acquiring major patent portfolios from IP owners in 2007. Over the years, our team has assessed hundreds of patent portfolios comprising well over 100,000 patents. Our goals include earning returns for our inventors and ourselves, and providing licensees with legal access to patented discoveries that may be used to improve their products.

We’ve developed a highly effective due diligence process for evaluating patents. With reference to hundreds of internal reverse engineering reports, product tear-downs, product manuals and standards, we have an unmatched market-oriented assessment advantage. Based on real-life licensing experience, our comprehensive and rigorous approach includes analysis of infringement, validity, substantive patent prosecution issues, and return on investment. Our conservative and realistic approach results in optimum outcomes for all parties.

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Patent sales
Some of the IP we own may actually be more valuable in your hands. With more thousands of patents and applications under management and several licensing programs, unlocking the full value of all our IP at any one time can be a challenge. As a result, part of our active portfolio management strategy is to divest single patents and patent families.

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