For Potential Licensees

What can you expect if we approach you for licensing negotiations? We’ve earned our reputation through the way we conduct our licensing activities. We will be prepared to talk about our patents. We excel at producing clear, detailed documentation showing infringement to potential licensees. As our past licensees will attest, we approach our negotiations with a view to an open and fair discussion. We were the first company to establish Patent Licensing Principles.

We have a proven track record of licensing success, dating back to the late 1990s. We established the value of our semiconductor memory patent portfolio with our first license agreement with Samsung in 2005, and since then we have kept most of the memory industry under license to our portfolio. Over the past twenty years we have entered well over 100 licenses worth hundreds of millions of dollars with many of the world’s largest electronics companies. These licenses have covered multiple patent portfolios related to memory, microprocessors and micro components, semiconductor manufacturing processes, networking, and wireless mobile communications. You can find more information about our current portfolios under Our Portfolio.

Our first objective is to enter into licensing agreements through respectful negotiations. But when needed, we’re skilled in the strategic and operational aspects of litigation. We’ve gained a worldwide litigation success record as we strive to ensure maximum returns to our stakeholders. Just in the past few years our creative and innovative litigation strategies have changed the landscape of worldwide patent litigation. In 2020 we won a landmark judgment of the United Kingdom Supreme Court that will have significant implications worldwide for standard-essential-patent (SEP) licensing, especially in telecommunications.  The practical effect of the UK ruling is that implementers cannot insist that SEP holders prove their patents in every jurisdiction in the world, something that would be both practically and economically prohibitive, especially for smaller companies. We also won trial judgments against Huawei and ZTE in the UK and Germany, against Daimler in Germany, against LG Electronics in Texas, and against Apple in its home court in California. We now have license agreements with all these companies.

With these skills comes responsibility, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to transparency, due diligence, and respectful negotiation. We look forward to talking with you.

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